Using Views to access form data

My mission in attending this camp is to figure out how to use Views 2 to access data on hundreds of applicants who have applied for courses in a certificate program. Since the data was entered via a form it’s not a content type and it isn’t node data either so how to access it […]

Beginners Track

As a beginner I’m trying to get the most bang for the buck with the sessions. I printed theschedule and think I have a suitable beginner track of sessions (but being totaly new to Drupal Im not sure what sessions would 1)be best for a beginner, 2) help me hit the ground running, and 3) […]

My personal experience

“Jack of all trades, master of none is usually better than a master of one.” So the original post in this thread is the official job posting this is my personal experience with my soon-to-be-former I’m the developer currently working for CRL and I’m leaving next month to go back to school. I’m trying to […]

Drupal developer(s) wanted

Hello, My mission in attending is to meet and hire one or more developers for a specific project I am managing. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to attend the camp. If you are an experienced freelance Drupal site developer, I am interested in talking to you. Must have high skills level […]

Looking for an interesting, steady, full-time job?

Web & Digital Libraries Specialist wanted The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is seeking a creative Web and Digital Library Specialist. Under the direction of the Director of Information Systems, the candidate selected will work independently to design, develop and implement grant and non-grant funded web projects. Essential Duties: * Conduct development and system administration […]