Using Domain Access to run multiple sites

Experience level:  Drupal professional Experience type:  Site building Programming / module development Day:  Saturday Time:  11:30am – 12:30pm Room:  Trellon (James Room) Duration:  One hour API: Demo site: We will take an in-depth look at the Domain Access module and how it can be used to support complex content sharing scenarios. We will […]

Assembly Hall (1st floor)

Capacity:  360 Session capacity:  1 The beautiful cathedral windows, colorful display of international flags, and rich hues of oak paneling give the spacious Assembly Hall optimum elegance and grandeur. Equipped with a balcony and a full stage including a 9 ft Steinway concert grand piano, dressing rooms, projection booth and oak floors, the Assembly Hall […]

Tools for Rapid Drupal Deployment

So you've been downloading the latest Drupal release, building out your site, creating your theme, inputting the content, uploading it to your live server, then rinsing and repeating. Somewhere around your 10th or 11th (maybe sooner if you were smarter than Carwin) site you've probably thought, "There has to be a better way…" You were […]

Tools and methods of version control, patching and issues

Experience level:  First timer Experience type:  Site building Theming Design and IA Programming / module development Business Day:  Saturday Time:  9:00am – 10:00am Room:  Room 2 Duration:  One hour Drupal is produced by a community of real people. Contributors create documentation, core code, modules and themes. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever contribute a […]

45 modules in 45 minutes

The ability to rapidly develop in Drupal starts with a strong knowledge of the ~12k contributed modules. I highly recommend attending a local users group to learn the contributed modules. Short of that, I will help you up the learning curve into Drupal architecture by cherry picking some key modules you can't build with out. […]

Tips and Tricks to Incorporate Flash into Drupal

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Site building Programming / module development Day:  Saturday Time:  9:00am – 10:00am Room:  Commerce Guys (Hinman Room) Duration:  One hour Despite advances in Javascript runtime speeds and HTML5 acceptance in modern web browsers, there are some times when a Flash app is still the best way to complete a […]

Becoming a Polyglot

Various programming languages provide unique models for solving complex problems, and we should use the best tool to solve the problem at hand. This talk will be split into three segments: an brief overview of why programming languages matter (and why PHP doesn't always fit our needs,) a discussion of methods to communicate between PHP […]

Compass and Sass for stylesheet authors

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Theming Duration:  45 minutes You’ve probably heard about all the CSS frameworks available today, but you may have avoided them. Perhaps you didn’t need everything the framework provided or maybe customizing the framework to support a different width or a fluid width made the benefits of using the framework […]

QueryPath and Drupal

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Programming / module development Duration:  45 minutes QueryPath is a PHP library like jQuery. The QueryPath Drupal modules provides XML and HTML tools that can be used to import legacy HTML content, work with remote XML web services, and create HTML and XML on the fly. In this session, […]

Drupal 7 and Podcasting

Drupal can be a very powerful tool for podcasters. In a world where your website says a lot about who you are online, maintaining a dynamic and up to date website for podcasters is essential. In this session we will walk through setting up a complete podcasting site in Drupal 7. Cody has been podcasting […]