XML and Drupal

Experience level:  Drupal professional Experience type:  Site building Theming Programming / module development Duration:  45 minutes

The need for XML interaction could be separated in 2 basic ways: Generating XML, and Receiving XML.

There are a multitude of fancy flash gadgets, slide shows, video players and other items that use an XML source to gather their data. Some of these may require an actual XML file vs. just a link to a ‘on-the-fly’ generated XML (i.e. from views).

The other side of this, receiving XML, is used (of course in receiving RSS type feeds but I’m not going to talk about that) but it is also a mainstay for industries like real estate, where property listings are received through XML.

This session would talk about how to utilize both community module assisted ways of manipulating XML data as well as where you have to get your hands dirty and write your own helper module to really make it shine.

Examples: ->Using cron to create / update XML files for widget data sources. ->Making a filterable XML playlist for a video player. (Views arguments / exposed filters) ->Using cron or other methods to create nodes from XML data and route specific types of data to different node fields (CCK)