Tools for Rapid Drupal Deployment

So you've been downloading the latest Drupal release, building out your site, creating your theme, inputting the content, uploading it to your live server, then rinsing and repeating. Somewhere around your 10th or 11th (maybe sooner if you were smarter than Carwin) site you've probably thought, "There has to be a better way…"

You were right!

Enter the amazing world of Drupal deployment tools and bask in the glory of having repeatable Drupal setups built in one command.

In this session there will be a five minute overview of each subject to give participants a basic understanding of the part each tool plays in rapid Drupal deployment. The last half of the session will be a demonstration of the process where you'll be able to ask questions and see rapid deployment in action.

Many of these tools deserve their own sessions entirely, but the point of this session is to get participants up to speed on what these tools are and how they can be used to your advantage.