QueryPath and Drupal

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Programming / module development Duration:  45 minutes

QueryPath is a PHP library like jQuery. The QueryPath Drupal modules provides XML and HTML tools that can be used to import legacy HTML content, work with remote XML web services, and create HTML and XML on the fly.

In this session, we will glance over the features of QueryPath, see some areas where QueryPath has been used in practice, and take a look at a few very brief code samples.

QueryPath has been used to:

  • Import large bodies of antiquated HTML
  • Query remote XML databases
  • Retrieve data from the Semantic Web
  • Interact with web services from Twitter, Amazon, Technorati, Flickr, and more
  • Interact directly with Drupal’s package management system

This session will contain short coding samples, so some PHP knowledge is expected.