PHP for Absolute Beginners

Experience level:  First timer Experience type:  Theming Programming / module development Day:  Saturday Time:  4:15pm – 5:00pm Room:  Palantir (Rogers Room) Duration:  One hour

There are a lot of code snippets available for Drupal. There is not, however, a lot of information about PHP which is the language that makes up these snippets. If you’re tired of copying, pasting and praying and are ready to understand some of the magic behind those snippets, this session is for you! Although this session is geared to wannabe themers, it will be useful to anyone wanting to learn about the magic of PHP.

In this session you will learn how to manipulate and master:

  • The very, very basics of PHP
  • Variables and tpl.php template files
  • Arrays and objects and other crow-bar-worthy data containers
  • The really scary looking function stuff that’s in the mysterious file template.php

Examples will be pulled from snippets in the Theme Guide as well as Emma’s wildly successful book on theming—Front End Drupal.

The slides are available at