Making drupal run fast

Experience level:  Drupal professional Experience type:  Site building Business Day:  Saturday Time:  2:00pm – 3:00pm Room:  Commerce Guys (Hinman Room) Duration:  One hour

Best practices for increasing performance of your drupal site.

We hope to generate some discussion and hear back from the community on what they have done that has worked for them.

We will cover: – share data from load testing and compare results based on: ++ plain drupal install ++ plain drupal install with php accelerator ++ drupal with cache ++ drupal with cache and php accelerator ++ mysql tweaks

squid/varnish installs looking at front end design and measuring speed of site in browser using firebug and yslow and google page slow tools

If time permits we will go into some common tools for monitoring like: cacti installing slow query log devel