Lessons learned in running a Drupal Camp

DrupalCorn Camp 2012 was the second annual Drupal camp held in Iowa. http://2012.drupalcorn.org/

The camp was host to over 100 people who enjoyed a pre-camp training day, two days of talks and an evening social networking event for a nominal fee. Check out the Flickr stream – http://www.flickr.com/groups/drupalcorn_2012/

What the attendees didn't see was the 5 months of planning by a steering committee of 6 dedicated volunteers. We learned many lessons along the way and unfortunately we learned a few lessons too late.

I will share how we:

  • Chose the Steering Members of the Committee
  • Found our Financial Agent(s)
  • Chose the Venue and the Dates
  • Marketed to Attendees
  • Marketed to Sponsors
  • Found our Keynote speaker
  • Decided to add a Training Day
  • Chose the Sessions to Accept

I will also share some lessons learned:

  • Begin Planning sooner
  • Contact Sponsors sooner
  • Food is half the cost?
  • Try for a cheaper venue
  • Parse the tasks more granularly
  • There are a lot of beginners

What questions will your session answer?:  How to run a successful Drupal Camp How not to run a Drupal Camp