Food Trucks!

Those of you that know me also know of my rampant obsession with Chicago food trucks. Lo and behold, UofC is a frequent mega stop for trucks. No clue how many trucks operate into the cooler months, but I'd be more than happy to line up a few trucks for a food truck after party. All we'd need then is some beer.

I've become fairly well known among the trucks because of my obsession and food truck website (Drupal, natch) so I am preeetty confident I can hook us up.

Peace out!

EDIT: I just noticed the after party in the schedule (maybe it should be under the section talking about food too). Details are a little slim, so maybe an organizer can contact me and we can hash out all the gory details. I think this would be great fun, but I don't want to squash plans that are already in play. Peace, love and cracker jacks.