Everything I Really Need To Know About Site Building

Everything I Really Need To Know About Site Building I Learned in My MBA – building awesome websites for clients that don't know what they want

Experience level:  Drupal professional Experience type:  Design and IA Business Day:  Saturday Time:  3:15pm – 4:00pm Room:  Room 3 Duration:  45 minutes

The MBA approach to business is focused around assigning clear goals, setting expectations in advance, and using that focus to blow those goals away. We all know that you have to try and get concrete before you start a new website, but how many clients have a clear enough idea of their prospective site to do that? If you find one, let me know.

This session will discuss walking clients out of the vague “I want a cool website” phase, and into a really concrete idea of their site, its goals, and how it can work for them. Doing this clarification up front saves you time, saves your clients money, and makes it much easier to build a site that truly blows their expectations out of the water.