Drupal & Salesforce: Can I do that?

We all share an interest in Drupal, and increasingly more-and-more of us seem to be exploring Salesforce, and "the cloud", within our institutions. It seems that Salesforce is for more than just, well, "sales" these days, as nonprofits and all kinds of non-enterprise institutions are using it for everything from donor management to class scheduling. This session aims to explore what's possible conceptually, with a bit of technical jazz mixed in, when looking at Drupal to Salesforce integration.

Perhaps you know and love Salesforce, perhaps you use it reluctantly simply because it's your business's CRM of choice, or perhaps you believe CiviCRM is the end-all choice when it comes to all things "CRMy", and are curious why anyone would consider using a commercial tool like Salesforce. Whatever the case, if you've been wondering if and how Drupal and Salesforce can get along, you'll probably find this session interesting.

Since the term "CiviCRM" already worked its way into this session description, one thing I should note is that this discussion is not intended to directly address the question of "which CRM is right for me?". That's a different topic for another day (or week). However, some of the ideas discussed in this session may help inform people who are trying to make that rather detailed decision (assuming Salesforce in on your radar, or already in your institution).

What questions will your session answer?:  What are the current possibilites for Drupal-to-Salesforce integration? Who's using Salesforce, and what are they using it for? What use cases are common for Drupal-to-Salesforce integration? What Drupal modules are out there that relate to this integration? Broadly speaking, when might Salesforce NOT be such a good choice?