Drupal on your Television

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Site building Theming Duration:  45 minutes

Yes it’s true – Drupal is not just for the Internet any more. While this popular CMS has made the jump to small screens with mobile phones, I’ll demonstrate a case study where my client wanted to use images, dates and videos to create a scrolling display in the lobby of a theatre.

This demo will show the use of ImageCache, Embedded Media Field, Draggable Views, Flag, and Views Cycle modules, along with a little custom JavaScript to turn a Drupal site into a rotating display suitable for display as a screen saver, in a conference center, or most any reception area.

Ryan Price is a host of the DrupalEasy podcast, and he helps to organize a Drupal User Group and DrupalCamp in Orlando, Florida. Ryan also teaches private and public classes in Drupal and social media as DrupalEasy. he has been using Drupal since the early 4.7 days, and he helped maintain and create sites for Popular Science, Field and Stream and Outdoor Life magazines.