Drupal developer(s) wanted

Hello, My mission in attending is to meet and hire one or more developers for a specific project I am managing. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to attend the camp.

If you are an experienced freelance Drupal site developer, I am interested in talking to you. Must have high skills level with Drupal core, Php, module creation, and db.

Brief project scope is to develop two web portal tools. One is a relational data base (done) that will allow users to save specific queries (not done) to a user profile history for later utility. A second is a tool, Php front end, that calculates input variables in a set of functions (half done) and saves the out put data to a user profile history for later utility. Saved data in user profile histories would also be available for delimited text file download to import into an alternate db.

Dr Marc Debiase, EdD