Contribute to and build the Drupal community in ways that contribute to and build your success

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Site building Theming Design and IA Programming / module development Business Day:  Saturday Time:  2:00pm – 3:00pm Room:  Trellon (James Room) Duration:  45 minutes

Session take-aways:

0. If you use the code without engaging in the community you are missing many of the benefits of Drupal. 1. Community participation powers the success of the Drupal content management system. 2. You and your business can power community participation. 3. Three simple things you can do to participate in the Drupal community locally, regionally, and globally. 4. Participating in the Drupal community directly benefits and can be sustainable for your business.

Why this session?

Drupal and its galaxy of modules and other projects are too big to understand it alone, key contributors are too busy to help people who don’t also contribute, and too much is riding on Drupal’s continued improvement to leave this improvement to chance.

Time to get involved— and reap the benefits of participation.

The Drupal community provides everything in Drupal, including the number one reason to choose Drupal. It is not the functionality, the extensibility, the power, the flexibility, or even anything related to the code. It is the community of developers, documenters, administrators and more who overcome obstacles and fix problems every day– frequently working together and helping each other across company and country lines.

The top ten Drupal shops could switch to stone tablet technology tomorrow and there would still be an amazing array of contributors to carry development forward. Not many open source free software projects can say that, and of course no proprietary products can make such a claim. This is what both protects and makes so promising your future in Drupal.

It is difficult but possible to work with Drupal sustainably as a professional and as a participant in the Drupal community.

The How: Contributing to the Community

with Time

— Helping in Forums, Groups, Mailing lists, and IRC — Even if you don’t feel you know enough to help, researching other people’s problems is a great way to learn. — Curate Issue Queues — Documentation — Reviewing others’ contributions — Contributing code — Contributing designs and themes — Share Everything without shame and without fear

with Money

— Sponsoring code and developers — Scholarships — Donating to the Drupal Association and to Drupal events

with Love

— Non-Technical Support — Bringing New People into the Community — Keep the Environment Welcoming — Hosting Meetups, Camps, and More

[This session could easily go in an hour slot also, but regardless all interested in this session are encouraged to attend Benjamin Doherty’s session on working with projects.]