Compass and Sass for stylesheet authors

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Theming Duration:  45 minutes

You’ve probably heard about all the CSS frameworks available today, but you may have avoided them. Perhaps you didn’t need everything the framework provided or maybe customizing the framework to support a different width or a fluid width made the benefits of using the framework seem shallow or murky. Or maybe you need to take some pieces from one CSS framework (font sizing in per cents) and combine them with pieces from another CSS framework (grid layout in pixels) and the size unit conversions are just impossible to maintain.

What if you could create your own sustainable, reusable CSS framework?

Compass command line tool for authoring CSS stylesheets. Sass is the meta-language that looks a great deal like CSS but adds nested selector rules, mixins (something like functions with arguments) and variables. Sass is originally designed for use in Ruby web development, but Compass makes it easy to use it for any web project.

This session will introduce the basic syntax of Sass and basic compass usage. Then we’ll show how to use Compass to build real Drupal themes, with special attention to Zen 2.

Using Compass is easy, but you’ll need to install Ruby and some related tools to get compass working. If you want to attend this session and learn how to use compass, please review the installation instructions.