Building Drupal 7 Entities from the ground up

Entities were introduced to Drupal in version 7. Before this, data had to be stored in Node, User, or Taxonomy database tables. These entities could be extended with user-defined fields, but there was no way to define and use database structures that mapped directly to business requirements.

In this session, we will walk through the creation and use of custom entities. We will show how to create them, use them to store and retrieve data, and integrate them with Views.

The session will include a walk-through of actual working code. Although this will not be a complete course that covers all aspects of Drupal 7 Entities, it will provide an overview and enough detail to allow participants to start using them in their own applications.

What questions will your session answer?:  Why should I use entities? How do I create them? How do I integrate them with Views? Will they give me better gas mileage and/or whiter teeth?