Becoming a Polyglot

Various programming languages provide unique models for solving complex problems, and we should use the best tool to solve the problem at hand. This talk will be split into three segments: an brief overview of why programming languages matter (and why PHP doesn't always fit our needs,) a discussion of methods to communicate between PHP and various languages, and finally. some thoughts on emulating the benefits of other paradigms within PHP.

Languages discussed may include lightening-fast, low-level languages such as C, C++, and Go; other scripting languages like Lua, Python, and Ruby; object-oriented languages like Java; functional languages such as Scheme; mathematical languages like Octave; and more paradigms like declarative languages, actors, and metaprogramming.

What questions will your session answer?:  What do other languages offer? How can I integrate those languages with PHP? How can I use additional paradigms in my PHP code?