A Custom Drupal Distro in Two Minutes

Experience level:  Casual drupaler Experience type:  Site building Programming / module development Duration:  45 minutes

Want to build your own custom Drupal build in two minutes? Tired of having to install Drupal… then install a dozen modules… then install some themes? This session will be devoted to the art and science of rolling your own Drupal distribution… QUICKLY.

“How will we accomplish this marvelous feat?” you ask. The answer is Phing, a mature PHP tool designed to help you manage PHP projects. Think of it like Rake for Ruby on Rails, Ant for Java, and Gmake for Linux.

We’ll look at Phing’s easy-to-grok XML file format, see some examples of Phing in action, and take a look at the DrupalDistroBuilder tool that uses Phing to make that two-minute-distro as easy as typing out a list of modules and themes.

Here are a few tasks that Phing can automate for you:

  • Migrate databases
  • Interoperate with a Subversion repository
  • Move files around on the file system
  • Tar and untar files
  • Automate the process of retrieving Drupal and modules
  • Filter files, compressing, stripping, and transforming files as you go
  • Remove unwanted themes and modules from Drupal core

With just a little work on an XML file, and you can drastically speed up many of your Drupal management tasks.