We’ve sold out, and last minute updates for attendees

Drupal Camp Chicago has sold out!

We are no longer accepting new individual registrations or payments via the site, but a very limited number of spots are still available for new sponsors, including those at the Community level.

If you have already paid, but are not showing up on the site as a registered attendee, please contact us via the site’s contact form with your payment information and username.

If you have already paid, we’ll see you this weekend! Here’s the important information you need to know:

When: Saturday 12 December: Registration opens at 8:30 am, sessions run 9-5 with lunch. Sunday 13 December: Unconference runs 9:30 am to 3 pm, including light breakfast.

Where: Hotel Orrington 1710 Orrington Ave Evanston, IL 60201

What: These great sessions

What you should bring:

  • Laptop and laptop power cable. (Really, don’t forget the power cable.)
  • Business cards (especially if you’re hiring or looking to be hired).
  • We would love to be able to video record sessions. We need video cameras for that, though. If you have a video camera, please let us know and bring it on Saturday! (Remember to put your name on it.)
  • If you have a 3G or WiMax connection for your laptop, please bring it. Although WiFi will be available we will have 350 people all in one space, which will tax any wireless network. If you’re able to use a WAN connection, we do appreciate it.
  • Power strips and surge protectors. There will be power outlets in all rooms, but when was the last time you were at a tech conference that had enough power outlets? (Remember to put your name on these, too.)
  • You, of course!
  • A question to ask someone, and something to share with someone.

We have also setup a forum on the site if you want to organize carpools or last minute hotel room sharing.

Once again, if you have any last minute questions or issues please contact us.